Should these terms and conditions not be accepted, we will not be able to proceed with your booking or collect any of your personal information.


“Us” or “We” or “our” of “ourselves” refers to THB Travel

  1. Introduction

These terms and conditions, as may be amended from time to time, apply to all our services made available on this platform. By accessing, browsing and using our website or any of our applications through whatever platform (hereafter collectively referred to as the "Platform") and/or by completing a reservation, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set out below (including the privacy statement).

  1. Applicability

These terms and conditions will apply to all users of this THB Travel booking system and offline leisure packages.

  1. Covid or other regulations and legal requirements

It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with current Covid or other regulations and legal requirements applicable to your destination.

You are solely responsible for obtaining and meeting the requirements for passports, visas, health documents, insurance, foreign exchange, Reserve Bank, customs and immigration regulations and other requirements. We may provide you (on request) with information in good faith in respect of the requirements, but due to the constant changing nature of such requirements, this should be treated as a guideline only. We accept no liability for ensuring that the requirements are provided, and we will not be liable for the accuracy of any information furnished in connection with the requirements or any failure by ourselves to provide information relating thereto.


  1. Number of bookings per transactions

A maximum of 9 individuals (including minors) may be booked for per transaction. Should you need to make bookings for more than 9 individuals, you must start a separate transaction for the excess bookings, each with a limit of 9 individuals.


  1. Third party suppliers

It is important to note that we facilitate the booking of the travel products and services of third party suppliers and we do not have direct control over the provision of services by these suppliers. We therefore cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, injury, additional cost, accident or delay caused by any error or default or act of omission of any supplier in carrying out travel arrangements and services. We will also not be liable for any changes, omissions or delays before or during the course of any travel occasioned by technical difficulties, weather conditions, strikes, war or unrest, communication breakdowns or events beyond the control of the Supplier/s or ourselves. 


  1. Changes

Should you need to make any changes to your bookings, these changes will be subject to availability at the time of change. You will be liable to pay a collection fee and the difference in fare and taxes between the old and new ticket.

  1. Rates

Until such time as full payment has been received and final documentation has been issued, rates quoted are subject to change, without prior notice, due to currency fluctuation or any unforeseen operator expenses.


  1. Cancellation and Refunds

Any bookings cancelled after confirmation has been issued will be subject to a cancellation fee in accordance with the supplier’s terms and conditions.

We will endeavour to recoup the balance of the payments made to the suppliers on your behalf; however we do not hold ourselves responsible or liable for these amounts. Airline tickets presented for refund are subject to delays of approximately 12 weeks. We will monitor the refunds but we will not refund any monies to you before we receive payment from the relevant supplier.

  1. Supplier Terms and Pricing

Suppliers impose different terms and conditions on the sale of their specific travel products or services (“Supplier Terms”). The products and services of each Supplier are sold subject to the Supplier’s Terms and policies. Make sure you read and understand the Supplier Terms and policies, especially those pertaining to baggage allowance, booking amendments, cancellations and the associated costs.

  1. Responsibility for Bookings

In making a travel reservation through our system, it is your responsibility to: read the Supplier Terms; carefully check the details of your reservation, correctness of names or travel information, and any confirmation thereof received from us; convey all relevant information and terms to any other parties covered by any booking you make; understand all peripheral requirements that need to be met, e.g. obtaining visas. We accept no responsibility or liability for your misunderstanding or error whatsoever in this process.

All booking enquiries and quotations provided by us are not confirmed reservations or a representation/binding undertaking of availability or pricing. Quotations are a request only and simply an indication of pricing and availability at the time that the quotation is issued.

Booking confirmations are issued subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions of Business, which must be read with these terms and conditions.

  1. Payment methods

Only the forms of payment which are indicated as accepted on the quote/booking confirmation may be used to effect payment for bookings. It is your obligation to ensure that your credit card is valid and that you have sufficient credit on your credit card account, to meet all charges for all the products and services you book and our administration fees where applicable. Please note that there may be multiple transactions on your credit card, depending on each supplier’s payment terms. Eg. Some suppliers may require immediate payment or advance booking fees. Car rental companies may put a hold on your card for a deposit and the cost of the rental and applicable fees. We will not be able to provide you with the hold amount upon reservation.

  1. Fees

You acknowledge that we will, where applicable, charge fees for the administration and facilitation of your travel arrangements through THB Travel and for the services rendered by ourselves to you in this regard. Our administration fees will be specified in the quote/booking confirmation prior to you proceeding to make payment. You hereby agree that you will pay our administration fees should administration fees be applicable to your booking. You further acknowledge that our administration fees relate only to the services rendered by us to you in this regard and the payment of our administration fees does not constitute payment for any part of the travel products and/or services you purchase from the suppliers.

  1. Insurance

You are hereby advised to obtain travel insurance. We are not a registered and authorized insurance advisor and may simply make available to you standard travel insurance options packaged by the insurance suppliers. Any instruction to obtain travel insurance, must be in writing and any policy of insurance so obtained, will be subject to such exceptions and conditions as may be imposed by the insurance company or underwriters issuing the policy of insurance. You shall be solely responsible to: ensure that any travel insurance policy meets your travel requirements, including but not limited to conducting your own investigation (and obtaining professional advice as required) into the exceptions and conditions that are imposed under any policy of insurance; and effect any separate insurance required for any risks so excluded, as required by the you. We shall not be responsible or liable: for any advice which we or our representatives furnish in good faith in relation to travel insurance; or for filing/prosecuting a claim on the traveller’s behalf against any insurer/underwriter who has issued a policy to the traveller; for any claim disputed/rejected by the insurers.

  1. Privacy policy, use of your personal information and Cookies

In order to facilitate your booking, we will collect and process your personal information (i.e. your name, e-mail and physical / postal address and / or other contact details and/or any other personal identifier, as well as card information). We confirm that we are committed to the protection of your personal information and that we have reasonable safeguards in place to protect your personal information. You agree and consent that we may process your personal information and share such information with the suppliers, their representatives or any other third party for the purposes of making the booking for you in accordance with all applicable laws. You consent to us sharing your personal information which may be subject to further processing by suppliers, other agents or subcontractors performing services in relation to your booking, including the cross border transfer of your personal information to third parties outside of the Republic of South Africa. Your email address will also be added to our travel newsletter database for purposes of sending you regular newsletters and specials on offer. You may, free of charge, unsubscribe from receiving such newsletter and specials on offer by following the procedure set out on the newsletter.

  1. Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability

Neither ourselves nor any holding company, subsidiary, affiliated or associated company or any employees, directors or our representatives will be liable for any loss, injury of, or damage to your person and/or property arising from any actions, errors or omissions on the part of the Supplier/s. All travel information, listings and pricing, are subject to amendment at any time without notice. We publish such information in quotes/confirmations in good faith. You acknowledge and accept that we, as an intermediary, cannot and have not checked the accuracy of all information provided by the suppliers. We will not be responsible for errors, omissions or misleading information in any travel information and listings. You should make your own evaluation of the accuracy or completeness of any information, opinion, advice or other content available through this website. You are solely responsible for the suitability of any travel services which you purchase and we will not be liable in this regard.

We disclaim all liability where any failure in the services is due to circumstances beyond our control and in no way attributable to our gross negligence, our employees or authorised representatives. We accept no responsibility or liability for any failure or delay on the part of any supplier or third party in providing travel services to you where your booking has been properly processed by it; nor are we responsible for any acts or omissions of suppliers or other third parties in the course of delivery of such travel products and services. Where refunds are due to you from the suppliers of the travel products or services in question, we will use our best endeavours to provide assistance to you in claiming such refunds from the suppliers, but will have no liability in this regard.

Under no circumstances will we be liable for direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages including but not limited to lost profits or savings or damages in respect of dissatisfaction with the goods and/or services provided by suppliers or third parties.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, we grant no warranties, express or implied, regarding the THB Travel booking system. Where we are found to be liable to you for a breach of warranty under these terms and conditions, our liability will be limited to providing the relevant booking services again or to refunding money paid in relation to services not provided because of our default, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

We may at any time change or modify all or any part of these terms and conditions without notice to the users of such change. Users must check for the latest terms and conditions.


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